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Welcome to the Upper Echelon Locals Community

Ill keep this short and sweet. Since the very start of UE I have believed it is important to engage with the community. At first I could keep up with almost every YouTube comment, and every message... but over time that has changed.

Now, I find it difficult to respond to most of what is sent, purely because of the volume, and to solve this issue I want to begin utilizing, and building around this locals page as a hub of interaction.

I will still respond whenever possible to direct messages or comments on other platforms, however this page will be an area where I am much more active, and post additional material.

What can you expect to see?

I have committed to never barring the videos, or livestreams behind a paywall, however there are some things that i can do.

  • Video Scripts (before and or after the video is live, for feedback/extra reading material.)
  • Topic Polls (take part in the selection process of what will get covered when there are multiple options.)
  • Merchandise discounts (with merch becoming a larger focus I will provide limited time discounts or promos to this page only.)
  • Reliable Contact Access (I will still attempt to respond to anything and everything I can elsewhere, but Locals will become a much more dependable way of reaching me.)

(more will be offered as well, if I can think of things that fit well with the platform)

Thank you everyone, welcome to the page, and I appreciate all of you that help me diverge from the unpredictable realm of YouTube monetization to establish something much more connected, secure, and reliable.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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